How to get Static IP for Minecraft server

  • Do you want to run your own Minecraft server but don't have Static IP?
  • Don't you know where to get static IP address for Minecraft server?

How to watch BBC iPlayer outside UK?

  • Would you like to watch BBC iPlayer?
  • Do you travel or live outside UK?
  • Do you need UK IP address?
  • Get your own public IP address from United Kingdom!
  • How to get access to UK VPN server?

How to get public IP address anywhere?

  • How to get an European public IP address anywhere you connect the internet?
  • How to be accessible from whole internet even if you are behind the NAT?
  • Public IP and security on public Wi-Fi hot-spots.
  • Public IP even if your ISP doesn't provide it!
  • How to setup VPN client on your computer?
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