How to get public IP address anywhere?

  • How to get an European public IP address anywhere you connect the internet?
  • How to be accessible from whole internet even if you are behind the NAT?
  • Public IP and security on public Wi-Fi hot-spots.
  • Public IP even if your ISP doesn't provide it!
  • How to setup VPN client on your computer?

Why may need public IP address?

If you need public IP anywhere and your ISP is not able to provide it to you, then this guide will be useful for you. You may need the public IP address for many reasons. For example:

  • You need to unblock some online services which are blocked by ISP.
  • You want to play online games on European servers or create your own game server at home.
  • You need remote access to your computer (HTTP, FTP, SSH ...).
  • You need to access remotely to your camera server.
  • You want to be ACTIVE on p2p networks (Torrent, DC++ etc.)
  • You are in foreign country and you are not able to access your favorite online services.

VPN access can help you to resolve previous cases.

Which VPN provider to choose?

There are many VPN service providers. Differences are in prices and also in server locations. In this guide is used provider, which has the lowest price and provides European IP addresses. The price for 1 month usage is 4.99 USD. You can choose many payment methods like Paypal or credit card. They provide the 3 days Free Trial testing account, so you can test the services before you purchase.

How to create your VPN access?

  1. Open the purchase Unblock VPN page and confirm, that you are not going to commit fraud. Then fill the form. Email address and mobile phone number will be verified later. Once you fill all fields and read the terms of service, submit the form by clicking "I accept Create my Account".
  2. Click on Purchase
    Confirm that you are not going to commit fraud
    Submit the form

  3. Now open your mailbox and you should receive your login details to the "Members Area", and also for your VPN account. Log in to the Members Area using your login details.
  4. Log in to the Members Area

  5. First you should test the service before purchase. So click on "Activate 3 days Free Trial".
  6. Click on

  7. Now you will be asked for mobile phone verification due fraud prevention policy. So confirm your mobile phone number or change to device which is able to receive SMS. By clicking on "Sent SMS Verification Code" the SMS verification code will be send to you mobile phone. You have to type received verification code to the form and submit for verification. Now your mobile phone is verified and you are able to activate free trial or purchase full VPN service.
  8. Verify your mobile phone number.

  9. "Free Trial VPN" is limited to 5 minute sessions and only 5 VPN sessions per day. If you need more time for testing just use the contact form and ask support team for longer testing period. Activate free trial VPN service by clicking on "Try it for FREE!".
  10. Activate Free Trial
    Trial activated

  11. Once your free trial VPN service is active, you have to configure your VPN client on your computer. Next steps are for Windows Vista. If you need guide for other system (Win XP, Linux, iPhone) please use the Unblock VPN support page.
  12. Open the "Network and sharing center and create new connection.".
  13. Create new connection

  14. Choose "Connect to workplace".
  15. Choose Connect to workplace

  16. Choose existing internet connection.
  17. Choose existing internet connection

  18. Type VPN server address: (CZ) or (SK), connection name is "".
  19. Enter your login details

  20. Enter the login details from your mailbox (the same login details as you used for Members Area login)
  21. Create the connection

  22. Now you should see the "" icon in your network connections. Double click on it.
  23. New VPN connection has been created

  24. Establish the VPN connection. You can check your new IP address for example on. na
  25. Establish the VPN connection

  26. If you like the service you can buy unlimited VPN service in Members Area.