How to get Static IP for Minecraft server

  • Do you want to run your own Minecraft server but don't have Static IP?
  • Don't you know where to get static IP address for Minecraft server?

Minecraft server requires static IP address.

You have probably tried to create your own Minecraft server using this GUIDE and found the problem that your IP address is NOT STATIC.

How to get Static IP for Minecraft server?

You can buy your own personal Static IP address for Minecraft server at Just buy your own Static IP address connect VPN Static IP and then run your your Minecraft server. Anyone on the internet will be able to connect your Minecraft server then via VPN Static IP.

  1. Go to and purchase Static IP in any country they offer. Closer country to your location is better.
  2. Once you purchase and your service is activated then download the VPN connection at:
  3. Once the VPN connection is installed click on 'properties' and select the server where your Static IP is set on. (check your mailbox)
  4. Connect VPN and once connected check what is your static IP address at You should see your static IP there and this IP can be used for accessing your Minecraft server.
  5. Now you can start your Minecraft server with Static IP! ;-)