How to watch BBC iPlayer outside UK?

  • Would you like to watch BBC iPlayer?
  • Do you travel or live outside UK?
  • Do you need UK IP address?
  • Get your own public IP address from United Kingdom!
  • How to get access to UK VPN server?

Why should I need UK IP address?

There are many online services which are available only for United Kingdom. Especially BBC iPlayer and other online TV. If you travel or live in another country you are not allowed to watch BBC iPlayer TV. Instead of your favourite TV show or BBC news you will get following message:

iPlayer unavailable

Following guide will show you how to get UK IP address even if you are outside United Kingdom. The solution is VPN access to United Kingdom VPN server.

How to get access to United Kingdom VPN server?

  1. You have to find VPN service provide which provides UK VPN server access. You can try google or use which the cheapest one that I found. They also provide free trial so you can test the service before you buy.
  2. Register your VPN account and activate Free Trial VPN service using This Guide.
  3. Once you have your VPN account activated and configured your computer, then you have to set correct VPN server which is in United Kingdom. The VPN server address is: as you can see in your UnblockVPN Members Area.
  4. Start your VPN connection and check if you IP address has changed to UK IP. You can test it on this page:
  5. UK IP verification

  6. If you have verified that your new IP is from United Kingdom then you go to BBC iPlayer and now all videos and TV is available for you!
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