How to create your own ringtone for the iPhone?

  • Would you like to create your own ringtone for the iPhone?
  • Would you like to use your favourtie MP3 as a ringtone?
  • How to create the iPhone ringtones from mp3 files using iRinger?

Almost every iPhone owner was a little disappointed when found that, it is not possible to set one of MP3 songs in the iPhone as a ringtone. The other phones can do that.
There are several ways how to add custom ringtone to the iPhone. Offically you can buy a ringtone on the iTunes. Unofficially you can download a lot of ringtones from the Cydia. Another unofficiall way is create your own ringtone from any MP3 file in your computer and copy it to the iPhone using iTunes. This guide is about this last way.
The maximum length of standard iPhone ringtone is 30s.

1. What do you need?

You can easy create your own ringtones using the iRinger application for Windows. You can download it to your PC HERE. It is not needed to install this program, just simple start the "iRinger.exe" file.
    iRingtone download iRionger downloaded

2. How to make a ringtone from any MP3 file?

  1. Start the iRinger app (iRinger.exe).
  2. Click on the "IMPORT" button and choose any mp3 file from your PC from which you want to create the ringtone. Doesn't matter how long that mp3 song is.
  3. Click on import Choose any mp3 file
  4. You can start edit your ringtone just after the mp3 file is loaded.
  5. Set the ringtone lenght.
  6. You can scroll through the sound track using left mouse button on the sound track.
  7. You can play the preview of your ringtone using the "PREVIEW" button.
  8. You can set the volume.
  9. You can set the volume fade in or fade out.
  10. You can use some sound effects using the pannel on the left, after you click on the arrow.
  11. Edit your ringtone
  12. After you are finished, just click on the "EXPORT" button. Then choose where you would like to save your ringtone file, Title, Looping gap, check the "Export to iTunes" checkbox and click on the "Go!" button.
  13. Click on export export your new ringtone
  14. You have to see the success message after export. Click on "OK".
  15. Exported

3. How to upload your new ringtone to the iPhone?

  1. Connect your iPhone to the PC using USB cable and start the iTunes.
  2. iTunes
  3. Click on your iPhone in the left pannel and choose the Ringtones tab.
  4. Now you should see your new ringtone in the list.
  5. The "Sync ringtones" checkbox must be checked.
  6. After you click on "Sync" button in the bottom left, your new ringtone will be uploaded to your iPhone.
  7. Find new ringtone in the itunes
  8. After sync finnished, you can choose your new ringtone in the iPhone Settings.
  9. Open settings Click on sounds Click on ringtones Choose your new ringtone

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