How to download YouTube videos to iPhone?

  • Would you like to save YouTube videos directly to your iPhone?
  • Would you like to play your saved YouTube videos whenever you want without the internet connection?
  • How to use the MxTube application?

1. What do you need?

  • You need the MxTube application!
  • You can install MxTube through Cydia and that's why your iPhone must be unblocked (jailbreak).
  • If you don't understand to iPhone jailbreaking, don't do it by yourself and ask someone who can do it. ;-)

2. How to install MxTube?

It is very easy:
  1. Open the Cydia app and click on "Search" icon in the bottom.
  2. Search the "MxTube" app and click on it. Next click on "Install" button and on the next page click on "Confirm".
  3. Just after the MxTube is installed, push the "Return to Cydia" button and close Cydia.
  4. Now you can se new icon MxTube on the desktop.
Otevřete Cydii Klikněte na Search Vyhledejte mxtube Klikněte na Install Klikněte na Confirm Instalace dokončena Na ploše je MxTube

3. How to save YouTube videos directly to your iPhone?

  1. Start the MxTube app, read and confirm the License Agreement by pushing the "Accept" button.
  2. Click on "Search" button on the bottom and search video from the YouTube which you want to download.
  3. Click on the video, click on "Download" and choose the video quality. High (Wi-Fi) or Low (Edge).
  4. Downloading has started... you can see it in "Downloads" section. Do not let your iPhone to sleep itself. Keep it "up" by tapping the screen until the download finish.
  5. You will find the downloaded video in "Videos" section and you can play it whenever you want by clicking on it even without the internet connection.
Potvrďte License Agreement Vyhledejte si klip na YouTube Klikněte na zvoleny klip Vyberte kvalitu videa Video je staženo Klikněte na video pro přehrání Přehrávání videa

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