How to play flash videos on the iPhone?

  • How to watch flash videos directly from your iPhone?
  • Safari browser can not play the flash videos?
  • Would you like to watch videos from other video portals then YouTube on iPhone?

1. How to watch flash videos directly from your iPhone?

It is very easy, you do not need to install any apps to yout iPhone. Do next steps on yout iPhone...
  1. Start the Safari browser and open this page:
  2. On that page click on the link "How To" and then click on the add bookmark button:
    bookmark ,continue by clicking on "Add Bookmark" and save your new bookmark by clicking on "Save".
  3. When the bookmark is saved, click on the bookmarks button and then click on the "Edit" button. Choose previously saved bookmark "Videohamster Livebuster". bookmark2
  4. Now you are editing the bookmark. You need to delete this part of the URL address: "". URL address need to start by the word JavaScript. Edited bookmark save by the clicking on "Bookmarks".
  5. Now everything is ready for playing flash videos. You can try it for example here:
  6. Choose some video and try to play it by clicking on it. You will see the blue box and maybee some error message on the page. You don't have the flash player installed. Don't be afraid about it...Open your bookmarks by clicking on the bookmarks button on the bottom and then click on the bookmark "Videohamster Livebuster". Wait for a while and you will se a page with your video ready for play. Click on it for play!
Klikněte na How To Klikněte na plus Přidejte záložku Klikněte na edit Smažte vše z adresy před slovem JavaScript Flash video nehraje, klikněte na záložky Připraveno na přehrávání Přehráváme

2. Make a free registration for playing longer videos!

You can watch only 20s videos without the registration. If you would like to watch videos up to 5mins long, you need to make the registration. It is free and very easy. Register yourself from your iPhone.
  1. Open this page in safari browser then click on "Registration".
  2. Complete the registration form: username, password, first name, last name, email and born date. Click on "Submit".
  3. You will receive the activation email. You can wait a couple of hours for it. You can receive it next day sometimes. When you receive the activation email, open it directly in your iphone and click on the "activate now" button, which is included in the email.
  4. iPhone open the page on your Safari browser and there you should see that the videos are set on 5 minutes. The cookie, which is needed to play 5 minutes videos will be saved to your browser simultaneously. (cookies must be enabled in your Safari settings)
Neregistrováno Klikněte na Registration vyplňte formulář a stiskněte submit Až přijde aktivační email, otevřete ho v iPhone a klikněte na activate now Registrováno

3. Which portals are supported?

Now theese portals are supported:
  • blip
  • clipfish
  • godtube
  • metacafe
  • myspace
  • myvideo
  • putfile
  • rofl
  • sevenload
  • videotube
  • youtube
The other supported portals are not listed... but it's possible to use it on some adult video portals. Try it...

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