How to use Skype with iPhone?

  • Would you like to chat and make calls from your iPhone using Skype?
  • Would you like to make calls for free?
  • How to use Skype on iPhone with Fring app?

Have you ever think about free calls from your iPhone? A lot of people uses internet for free calls. iPhone can connect to the internet using Wi-Fi. So there must be possibility how to make a free calls from your iPhone. The most common VoIP service is Skype. You can use it in your iPhone with Fring application. You can make a calls to your Skype contacts, and so to the all phones and mobile phones in the world. Fring supports many other communication services. You can use for example ICQ, MSN, GoogleTalk etc.

1. How to install Fring?

You can download an install Fring app from AppStore for FREE!

2. How to configure the Fring app for using Skype?

You must have registered the Skype account and you need to know your skype username and password (the same that you use on your computer).
  1. Start the Fring app on your iPhone.
  2. Start Fring
  3. Now you need to register your Fring account. So click on the "New" button.
  4. Choose New
  5. Complette the form with ID, nickname, password and your email. Click on the "Register" button.
  6. Register a new fring account
  7. Now you can see the page with supported services. Choose "Skype". You can return later to this services page using the "More" button on the bottom and next click on "Add-ons".
  8. Choose Skype Click on more and then on Add-ons
  9. In the Skype setttings page complette your Skype username and password. Click on "Login" and wait for a while. (If you have a problem with login, try to restart your iPhone and start Fring again.)
  10. Complette your skype account details Skype subscription
  11. Aafter successfull subscription click on the "Buddy list" in the bottom. You should see your Skype contacts.
  12. Click on Buddy
  13. Click on any Skype contact and choose Call or Chat.
  14. Choose call or chat
  15. Now you can chat or make a calls with your skype contacts.
  16. skype chat Skype call

3. How to make a phone and mobile phone calls with Skype Out?

If you use Skype Out service and you have some Skype Out credit. You can make calls to all phones and mobile phones in the world.
  1. Click on "dialer" in the bottom.
  2. Choose any phone number with international prefix.
  3. Start your call by clicking on the "Skype Out" button.
  4. Fring skype out

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