How to watch TV on the iPhone?

  • Would you like to watch television directly on your iPhone?
  • How to play live tv streams on the iPhone?
  • How to use the MPlayer app for iPhone?
  • Make your own playlist and watch your favourite TV stations.
  • You need no TV tuner on your PC!

Latest version of MPlayer in Cydia can't play TV streams from the internet! It is not good idea to upgrade on this version. If you have upgraded or installed the latest MPlayer from Cydia, follow the tutorial How to watch TV after installing the latest Mplayer?

1. What do you need?

  • You need the MPlayer application!
  • You can install MPlayer using Cydia and that's why your iPhone must be unlocked (jailbreak).
  • If you don't understand to iPhone jailbreaking, don't do it by yourself and ask someone who can do it. ;-)

2. How to install MPlayer?

Follow the next steps:
  1. Open the Cydia app and click on "Search" icon in the bottom.
  2. Search the "MPlayer" app and click on it. Next click on "Install" button and on the next page click on "Confirm".
  3. Just after the MPlayer is installed, push the "Return to Cydia" button and close Cydia.
  4. Now you can se new icon MPlayer on the desktop.
Otevřete Cydia Vyhledejte MPlayer Klikněte na Install Klikněte na confirm Mplayer je nainstalován Ikona MPlayer

3. How to configure the MPlayer application to play streaming TV?

  1. Connect your iPhone to the same wireless network as your computer is connected. Now you need to find the iPhone IP address. You can find it in Settings->Wi-Fi. When you click on the blue arrow near the name of the connected network, you can see the IP address.
  2. Try the communication between computer and the iPhone using PING command.
  3. Start the SSH service on your iPhone (you can install it from Cydia - OpenSSH), you can start the SSH service from the BossPrefs application (you can install it from Cydia).
  4. Start the WinSCP on your computer, click on the "New" and put the IP address of your iPhone, username root and password alpine. Make a connection to your iPhone.
  5. Now your computer should be connected to your iPhone. At the right panel schoose path /private/var/. You NEED to make directory "media" here (directory must start with low case letter). When the new directory is created, open it. Now you have this path at the right panel: /private/var/media/
  6. Now you need to start the notepad and copy all content of file which is HERE to the notepad. It is the playlist of live TV streams. You can create your own playlist with your favourite TV streams. Each URL address must start at the new line.
  7. When the playlist is ready, save it as the file with *.m3u extension (streams.m3u).
  8. Now copy the created playlist file to the iPhone directory /private/var/media/ using the WinSCP application.
  9. Now your iPhone is ready to play the streaming TV!
Nastavení Wi-Fi Opište si IP adresu Zapněte SSH WinSCP Klikněte na Nový Vyplňte IP, root, alpine Vytvořte soubor s příponou m3u a seznamen streamů Zkopírujte m3u soubor do iPhone Jakmile je zkopírováno můžete ukončit WinSCP

4. How to watch live streaming TV channels on the iPhone?

This version of MPlayer is quite buggy:-( Lot of channels freezes... I beleive that new version of MPlayer will be more stable. If you find some new usable TV stations, please post the comment with them. Follow next steps to watch TV:
  1. Start the MPlayer on your iPhone. You should see your streams.m3u file in the list.
  2. Click on that file and you will see your previously definned media URLS.
  3. Click on the stream address which you want to play and then push the "Start Play" button.
  4. Wait for a while and and streaming should start.
  5. Tap the screen for full screen mode. You can stop the streaming using the stop button on the right (transparent)
Ikona MPlayer Klikněte na soubor s playlistem Seznam streamů start play CT24 CT2 Ocko

5. Where you can find other TV stream addresses?

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